Afro Cuban Basics

The Beginner’s Guide to The Orishas

Heard of the orishas but not quite sure what they are or how to dance them?

We have a NEW CLASS starting on TUESDAYS from
9th January 2018

“Y que tu quieres que te den” Choreography Class!

We all know the song, you’ve all heard it in the clubs, so now learn the basics of Afro Cuban & dancing the orishas through our fun choreography!

In this class we will practice the basic body movement of Afro Cuban technique, learn some basic steps of the orishas and how to apply them to our salsa in a super fun routine!

Learning a simple choreography is an excellent way for us to drill the steps, practice technique, and also be able to go out and also enjoy this brilliant song in the clubs!


Cuban Salsa and Rueda in London

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