Fitness – The Jungle Body

It has nothing to do with salsa, but we need to tell you about this…

The Jungle Body Classes with Dani


Why? Because your general fitness, health and wellbeing is so important… Especially if you’re a dancer!

If the gym just isn’t your thing but you love to dance, then maybe you should try Konga!

You will dance, you will laugh, you will sweat and you will definitely get fit!


Konga is a wild mash-up of Boxing, Kickboxing, Cardio, Dancehall, Pop, Rock, Pilates, Disco and everything in between! Konga is so addictive because it is the perfect concoction of easy-to-do moves, insane music & routines that are perfectly designed to shape, sculpt and redefine your physique.


Konga can:

  • ·         Improve coordination
  • ·         Increase joint mobility
  • ·         Burn over 700 calories
  • ·         Tone and shape the entire body
  • ·         Boost your metabolism


7:30-8:30 PM

@ Fitness First – St Pauls
1 White Hart Street
Paternoster Square

Price: £8 per class
(Loyalty cards also available: £40 for 6 classes)

For more info:


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