Absolute Beginners 6 Week Course: Starts 19th Feb

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This event finished on 25 March 2020

Are you completely new to salsa?

Or maybe you’ve never tried any kind of dancing before?

Come and learn with the Havana Londres team! 🙂

We provide 6 week Absolute Beginners Cuban Salsa courses in the City!

What will you learn over the 6 weeks?
We’ll teach you everything from the very beginning, focusing on footwork, rhythm, timing and basic body movement so you have the foundations you need after 6 weeks to progress on to partner work and rueda de casino! It’s fun, it’s social, it’s energetic and it will change your life! 😉

6:30 – 7:45 PM
COURSE START DATE: 19th February 2020

Artizan Library
18 Gravel Lane,
E1 7AW

We are in the upstairs studio.

You need to enter the Artizan Library from the side entrance which is on: 18 GRAVEL LANE, E1 7AW.

The entrance is next to the hairdressers. There will be a door with an intercom… You need to press 101call and then we can buzz you in. Take the lift to the 1st floor and there will be a door on your left… Someone will let you in and the studio is there on the first floor.


6 Weeks Absolute Beginners Cuban Salsa Course
Starts: Wednesday 19th February 2020
Ends: Wednesday 25th March 2020

£50 for 6 weeks

Contact us and book your place NOW!