Tuesdays: Rueda de Casino & Afro Cuban (The Orishas)

TUESDAYS: Rueda De Casino Classes
Our new choreography class:
“Y que tu quieres que te den”

…In the City near Liverpool Street & Aldgate Stations!

STARTS: 9th January 2018

Class Schedule:

7:15 – 8:15 PM
If you know your basic salsa steps and have good rhythm and timing, then this class is for you! You will start learning how to lead and follow all the basic turn patterns plus understand how rueda works. You will learn the common universal rueda moves, plus develop your partner dancing skills.

8:15 – 9:15 PM
For those of you who already dance some rueda, in this class you will learn the common universal rueda moves as well as our own Havana Londres style moves! In these classes you will learn how to put different combinations together in your dancing, develop your rueda skills and have the confidence to step out on the dance floor in a salsa club and do your thing!

9:15 – 10:15 PM
“Y que tu quieres que te den” Choreography

We all know the song, you’ve all heard it in the clubs, so now learn the basics of Afro Cuban & dancing the orishas through our fun choreography!

This amazing song by Adalberto Alvarez sings about all the orishas.

In this class we will practice the basic body movement of Afro Cuban technique, learn some basic steps of the orishas and how to apply them to our salsa in a super fun routine!

Learning a simple choreography is an excellent way for us to drill the steps, practice technique, and also be able to go out and also enjoy this brilliant song in the clubs! 😉

Artizan Library
1 Artizan Street,
E1 7AW


We are in the upstairs studio.

You need to enter the Artizan Library from the side entrance which is: 18 GRAVEL LANE, E1 7AW.
The entrance is next to the hairdressers. There will be a door with an intercom… You need to press 101call and then we can buzz you in. Take the lift to the 1st floor and there will be a door on your left… Someone will let you in and the studio is there on the first floor.

ALSO: Please don’t buzz the door before 7:00PM…. There is a Pilates class before us and we disturb them if we start ringing!  So buzz after 7:00PM!



Drop in:
1 class: £8
2 classes: £13
3 classes: £16

Monthly payment (to be paid at start of a new month):
FOR MARCH 2018 (4 weeks):
1 Course: £25
2 Courses: £40
3 Courses: £55

Students (with valid student ID):
£5 per class


Cuban Salsa and Rueda in London

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