SATURDAYS @ Russell Square

HAVANA LONDRES SATURDAYS – Skillz, Drillz and Rueda!


2:00 – 3:00pm


ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS SALSA (This course started on 02/09/17)
If you’ve never done salsa before, then this is the course for you! We will start from the very beginning, focusing on footwork, rhythm and timing – After this course, you will know all the basic steps, turns and main footwork patterns used in salsa, and most importantly, understand how to dance in time to the music.

If you know your basic salsa steps and have good rhythm and timing, then this next level is for you! You will start learning how to lead and follow plus understand how rueda works. You will learn the common universal rueda moves, plus develop your partner dancing skills.

You will learn harder moves and turn patterns, the common universal partner work & rueda moves as well as our own Havana Londres style moves! In these classes you will learn how to put different combinations together in your dancing, develop your rueda skills and have the confidence to step out on the dance floor in a salsa club and do your thing! 🙂

3:15 – 4:15pm

– REGGAETON (All Levels)


Want to try something new and challenge yourself?

Don’t be intimidated… You will laugh, sweat and move your body in ways you never thought you could! 😉

With drills that will teach you how to have greater control over your body, this class gives you the basic skills you need to improve your style, musicality and movement so you look good on the dance floor!

4:30 – 5:30pm

– THE TRAINING ZONE! (Closed Group)
(Int/Adv Level) 

Our intermediate level is a closed group for our regular advanced students who want to take their dancing to another level. We don’t just do rueda… We focus on body movement, footwork and Cuban styling including Rumba, Afro and Son.

You will improve your skills in all aspects of Cuban dance, learning how to apply these different elements to your salsa/rueda. The idea of this level is not to simply learn rueda moves but to become better dancers!

If you are an intermediate/advanced dancer, are able to commit to coming to class every week and would like to join this class, let us know! 🙂

Nuffield Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Centre Bloomsbury
Mecklenburgh Place


Nuffield Bloomsbury is in an excellent central location – a short walk from Russell Square Tube in Central London.



Drop in:
1 class: £8
2 classes: £13
3 classes: £16

Monthly payment (to be paid at start of a new month):
FOR NOVEMBER 2017 (4 weeks):
1 Course: £25
2 Courses: £40
3 Courses: £55

Students (with valid student ID):
£5 per class

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Cuban Salsa and Rueda in London

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