Who we are

Danielle Satsias

Dani co-founded and runs the Havana Londres dance school, teaching both rueda de casino and reggaeton to all levels, as well as a variety of other classes. She may be little but her attitude is explosive, and she is fast becoming recognised for her unique reggaeton choreography which fuses street vibes with good humour and infectious energy!

She has taught at dance events across the UK including Move It 2017, Cuban Sundays at Juju’s, all of London’s biggest Cuban party nights, plus many dance festivals across the UK & Europe. She also hosts London’s favourite outdoor Cuban summer parties – The Havana Londres sessions in the Scoop at Tower Bridge!

Constantly seeking & working on new dance projects and events, watch this space as she leads Havana Londres in new and exciting directions!

Nikola Medic


Nikola co-founded Havana Londres with Dani back in 2011, and is of course World Rueda Champion 2010 with his Havana Belgrado team! Although he no longer teaches or lives in the UK, his unique style and influence continues to define and shape Havana Londres and make the school what it is today.

His infectious personality & attitude, his moves, insane energy and good humour have brought him international acclaim as a teacher and dancer, and he can be found teaching at Cuban dance festivals across the world.

Havana Londres


Nikola and Dani set up the Havana Londres dance school in May 2011 and it has been growing in popularity ever since!

They have taught at some of the biggest events and congresses across the UK and Europe, while continuing to run their own classes and courses in London.

Our Havana Londres Dance Crew

What really makes Havana Londres what it is?
It’s the Havana Londres Team – a group of advanced dancers & friends, who train, rehearse and help teach together to bring you insane party vibes, amazing classes, the best ruedas, line ups, routines, and shows!

Our crew has transformed the London Cuban salsa scene with their energy and good vibes and have taken rueda in the UK to a whole new level.

Catch us on one of London’s dance floors doing our thing!

Havana Londres are available for parties, entertainment, congresses, workshops and corporate events.

Contact us for more information.

Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino & Reggaetón in London

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