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Things are about to get bigger & better… 😉

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Kick start your new year and get active with our CUBATONE & REGGAETON workshops @ Pineapple Dance Studios!



Try CUBATONE – an awesome all-round workout of cardio and body weight toning and resistance exercises inspired and influenced by traditional Afro-Cuban and Caribbean Latin dance style. It is not just another fitness class – it is fun, enjoyable, inclusive and uplifting!

REGGAETON – The music is taking over your radio these days, so now it’s time to learn the moves! Come and move your body in ways you never thought you could, laugh, dance, sweat & get happy in this dance class which fuses Latino style street vibes with good humour and infectious energy!

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In 2018 we did our first trip abroad!
We went to Cyprus…
And what a week it was! 😉

Havana Londres Reggaeton crew performing our show in Old Nicosia:

Our Reggaeton video on the beach #funtimes

Rueda de Casino in Old Nicosia:

Love Rueda de Casino..?

Check out our Havana Londres crew in action:


Celebrating 7 years of Havana Londres!

In May 2018 we turned 7 years old! 7 years of fun, friendship, partying and of course training hard! 😉

We celebrated with an EPIC roof top party in Soho and of course, plenty of rueda de casino… Check out our crew in action!

Mad class vibes… 😉 Havana Londres Reggaeton!

Join us for our monthly Wednesday Reggaeton Courses, or drop in for a class on Saturdays!

Come and learn Cuban Salsa and Rueda in London with Havana Londres!


Cuban salsa is for everyone! Just bring yourself and your sense of humour, and get ready to laugh and have fun! No need for special clothes or shoes, the only thing you need is a smile 😀

We teach everything from absolute beginners Cuban salsa to advanced rueda, son, rumba, body movement and Afro Cuban.

You know our style – rueda fused with afro, son, cha cha cha, breaking, crazy footwork, 100% musicality, and pleeeeeeenty of comedy!!! If you’ve never done a class with Havana Londres before, then aaaaAAAAAAA you are in for something good!!!!! 😉

Come and experience the style, attitude, moves, insane energy and humour that Havana Londres is notorious for!


Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino & Reggaetón in London

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